SNL: Val Kilmer is Iceman, The Later Years

Val Kilmer is an ex-Navy fighter pilot who always brags about going to the Top Gun school, like, 15 years ago.

Will Farrell, Chris Parnell and Val Kilmer play airline pilots in this Saturday Night Live skit.

Robot Chicken: Keanu Sausage

When eating Keanu Sausage, use a fork... there is no spoon.

Keanu Reeves beats the world of acting and now he's going to beat the world of Breakfast Sausages.

Includes testimonials by Christopher Walken and William Shatner.

From Robot Chicken.

Daily Show: Trendspotting with John Oliver

In a special Political Trendspotting, John Oliver takes over for Demetri Martin.

John looks into the youth culture focused CNN, YouTube hosted democratic debate from July 23rd, 2007.