John Oliver: RNC Feelings

John Oliver discusses last week's unsurprisingly surprising Republican convention.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Star Wars Audition Tapes: Young Han Solo

Before Alden Ehrenreich nabbed the part, every actor worth their salt tried out to play the "Star Wars" smuggler.

Featuring Bill Hader, Bill Arnett, Melissa McCarthy, Thomas Middleditch, Jodie Foster, Adam Sandler, Kamil Nanjiani, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, and Jeff Goldblum.

You were SO CLOSE, Jeff Goldblum.

From Conan O'Brien

People Are Awesome: The Downhill Version

This week’s People are Awesome compilation theme is DOWNHILL! We’ve got some extreme downhill action including downhill skateboarding, mountain biking, BMX, drift trikes and even freeline skates.

Fro People Are Awesome

Melania Trump's Origin Story

We visit Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia to talk with the photographer who helped jumpstart her modeling career and the locals who still remember her.

From Vice

How Does A Rigged Economy Work?

Income inequality is rising and working Americans feel like they aren't getting ahead. Welcome to the rigged economy. Here's how it works.

From AJ+

San Diego Comic-Con: Bob's Burgers Cast Impressions

The cast of BOB'S BURGERS do their best impersonations of each other during the BOB'S BURGERS panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Featuring Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, and John Roberts.

From Bob's Burgers

Bill Maher: Police Culture Has To Change

The host of "Real Time" pulls no punches as he and Stephen discuss the troubling string of recent events in the United States.

From The Late Show with Stephen Colbert