The Bangles: Going Down To Liverpool ft Leonard Nimoy

Humans smile with so little provocation!

It's 20th Century Earth and the Bangles need a director for their music video "Going Down To Liverpool" (a cover by Katrina & the Waves) and the choice is logical: Leonard Nimoy.

TED Talk: Beardyman, The Polyphonic Me

Frustrated by not being able to sing two notes at the same time, musical inventor Beardyman built a machine to allow him to create loops and layers from just the sounds he makes with his voice. Given that he can effortlessly conjure the sound of everything from crying babies to buzzing flies, not to mention mimic pretty much any musical instrument imaginable, that's a lot of different sounds. Sit back and let the wall of sound of this dazzling performance wash over you.

26 Genres in 1 Song

We hadn't heard of a lot of these either. Who wants to start a badass Quan Ho band?

AC/DC: Highway To Hell

Music video by AC/DC performing Highway To Hell (Highway To Hell promo clip). (C) 2009 Leidseplein Presse, B.V..